"Apparitions" is a narration in which a dialogue is created between the color images and the "ghost images": Polaroid negatives.
This series evokes the dream of a woman in love who wakes up and realizes that it was all a dream.


That morning, she wakes up in a soft torpor, the heat of a body against hers.
A hand caresses her, a skin as soft as satin, a tender kiss on her neck ...
She feels good.
The sun pierces through the curtains, the day promises to be beautiful.
They decide to go for a walk in the forest.
The light that crosses the canopy highlights the strange foliage that catches his eye.
Everything is beautiful, everything is perfect, she is in love.


That morning, she wakes up in her icy sheets, a strange sensation.
His hand slides across the bed, even colder.
She gropes her phone, turns it on and checks her email.
The light that pierces the curtain is bland, a gray day no doubt.
She snuggles up in the duvet and closes her eyes, hoping to fall back into this dream where she felt so good ...