Artist book - Machault - Selfpublished 2020 - 30 copies

Machault is a small village in the French Ardennes, near Reims, where it is assumed that the 14th century poet and composer Guillaume de Machaut was born.
My grandparents lived on this village in a farm. I was baptized in the church of this village in 1979, and I have many childhood memories : hollydays, games with my cousins on the farm, Christmas with the family ...
The house was in two parts: A house from the 1950s was the old house of my great-grandmother, the second more recent part was the house built by my grandparents in 1978. An opening connected the two houses of the interior.
I gived also this name Machault to my photo book, that is a tribute to my grandmother who left this world in August 2020 at the age of 92.
I wanted to make a paper book because I imagine that each time these images will be looked at, thoughts will go towards her and she will always be present among us.
The book is in the form of a intimate diary, closed with a black ribbon that represents mourning.
Inside, a leporello is printed by myself and assembled by hand. The first part is made up of a selection of 21 digital and analog photography taken between 2012 and 2020.
12 of these photos were taken during my last stay in my grandmother's house, the day after her funeral. I knew at the time I shoot that I would never come back to this house and that I had to photograph this place to remember.
A text separates the second part composed of 6 Polaroids produced in July 2019.
This second part for me represents the second part of the house, the oldest, where we spent little time but where I have very old memories with my great-grandmother. The print at the end of the book is the crockery from my great-grandmother's old kitchen.
Machault Self-published book 2020 limited by 30 copy 
accompanied by a 10x15cm print


Self-published book 2020 limited by 30 copy
accompanied by a 10x15cm print