Exhibition Expolaroid - Paris

As part of Expolaroid Paris, the original negatives of the Apparitions series are exhibited from April 8 to May 14, 2022 at Aiguillage Galerie, 19 rue des Frigos, 75013.

Exhibition Corridor Elephant
Exposition de la série "Apparitions" sur le site Corridor Elephant                         https://www.corridorelephant.com/expositions/marjolaine-vuarnesson

MARJOLAINE VUARNESSON                                                                http://www.marjolainevuarnesson.com

Marjolaine was born in 1979 and lives near Paris. His artistic approach begins very early with painting and sculpture.
Along with her job as a financial consultant, she has always found the time to practice this artistic activity and exhibit her work.

In 2014, she turned to photography to explore new mediums, mainly the polaroid. She experiments, double exposes, transfers the gelatin, and keeps the negatives.
It is a palpable, malleable photograph, which for her represents a link between today's photography and her practice of the visual arts.

“Apparitions” is a narration in which a dialogue is created between color images and “ghost images”: Polaroid negatives.
My practice of Polaroid is mainly related to intimate moments. This approach includes an experimental exploration around the medium, in particular with the transfer of the emulsion.
Every time I make a transfer, I keep the negative.

One day, by chance during an editing, the negatives of the Polaroids mingled with the color images, and associations were born.

These associations of images evoke the dream of a woman who, confined alone at home, dreams of ideal love and then wakes up in the sad reality of her loneliness.

That morning, she wakes up in a soft torpor, the warmth of a body against hers. A hand caresses her, a skin as soft as satin, a tender kiss on her neck ... She feels good.
The sun pierces through the curtains, the day promises to be beautiful.
They decide to go for a walk in the forest. The light that crosses the canopy highlights the strange foliage that catches his eye.
Everything is beautiful, everything is perfect, she is in love.

That morning, she wakes up in her icy sheets, a strange sensation. His hand slides across the bed, even colder.
She gropes her phone, turns it on and checks her voicemail. Nothing.
The light that pierces the curtain is dull, a gray day no doubt.
She snuggles up in the duvet and closes her eyes, hoping to fall back into this dream where she felt so good ...


Curator for the exhibition "Experimental Polaroid"

Curator for the online exhibition on the Barcelona festival site "Experimental Photo Festival"

Selection of 9 international artists out of 127 participants, on the theme of experimental polaroid

To visit the exhibition:

Expolaroid 2020

The 4 april 2020 should have started a beautiful exhibition, a celebration of instant photography as it has been happening for a few years.
An exhibition dedicated to the emulsion lift.
Tomorrow, in Clermont-Ferrand, you will not be able to see it because of the quarantine.
But I would like to show you my selection here, as a virtual exhibition, and I hope it will be real one day.
With the photographers : Pierre Martin, Clement Grosjean, Dominique Laroche, Ma Yue, Rrrdiaz, Ina Echternach, Michael Haas and me.

Fotofever 2019

Fotofever at the Carrousel du Louvre from 8 to 10 November 2019.
I will be presented by the Rastioll Gallery with my Polaroid Dream's City series.
Two color Photograms will also be exhibited in the collector's apartment in 50X70